Opportunity(ies) of sharing and conviviality !

  • From 11 to 14 december 2017 : 1 or 2 angler(s) for 1 trip  of 82h (5 XL session Eastern Bank – 3  overnights) with 3 anglers from Reunion Island and France.
  • From 05 to 15 march 2018: 3 or 4 anglers for 2 trips  of  a 89h (XXTreme session on Hawkins Bank) or/and a 82h (5 XL session on Eastern Bank) with 1 angler from France.
  • From 06 to 15 april2018: 2 or 3 anglers for 3 trips:   2 XL  34h session around Rodrigues and a 58h (3 XL session on Eastern Bank)

We can create a group for you.

  • Just let us know your wishes in the form below (desired period, type of trip, number of days, participants, are you alone or not maximum budget…)

 Advantages to share the boat:

  • With equal budget, you have more days fishing.
  • It is the opportunity to meet people with the same passion as you, always rich in exchanges and conviviality or even find teammates for other trips.
  • You always learn in contact with other anglers who have practiced in different parts of the world.
  • It just makes a trip possible.

Disadvantage to share the boat:

  •  The only downside of this plan is to limit your chances of taking big fish on trolling or live baiting.

In general, more there are baits in the water; more the chances to strike fish are large. There will be thus for everyone.

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