What is there to do besides fishing in Rodrigues?
Your stay will never be long enough if you (or your family/friends) like to...


  • Explore:   by foot, VTT, scooter, traditional bus or car.
  • Snorkel or scuba dive.
  • Kite
  • See the Tortoises Reserve, which were reintroduced at the Tortoise Park Francois Leguat and caves at Anse Quitor.
  • Discover the caves at Caverne Patate.
  • Spend the night on Ile Catherine just like Robinson Crusoe.
  • Go by boat to visit the bird reserves at Ile aux Cocos.
  • Visit the the “5 senses” botanical garden at Montagne Bois Noir.
  • Purchase local artisanal products, baskets, chilles, honey, etc.
  • Make the swinging jump and cross a valley on a suspension bridge in Cascade Pistache overlooking Port Sud Est.
  • Climb Mont Limon to see a 360° panoramic view of Rodrigues and its lagoon.
  • Practice the zipline at Montagne Malgache.
  • Don't miss the Saturday morning market at Port Mathurin.
  • Relax on the numerous isolated beaches that can be reached by foot or boat.
  • Enjoy the gentle massages.
  • Snorkelling at Rivière Banane and its famous Aquarium site with its living corals and multicolored fish.
  • Pirogue trip to Ile aux Chats with BBQ - Ile Hermitage and snorkelling at Couzoupa.

Above all, appreciate the calm and tranquility of Rodrigues.

Rodrigues is savored on foot.