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If you have just read our jigging page, here is the following for this following section to be completed, in dealing with very deep jigging and very deep baiting.

As its name suggests, jigging happens between 150 and 400m depth.

Rod Fishing Club has already gathered a strong experience in this type of extreme fishing. We now experience real “emotion” fishing sessions.

This feeling is all the more reinforced with the catch of unusual fish such as: Barracouta (snake mackerel) or also the strange Oilfish.

But beyond these strange catches, we may find hips of the usual species of fish while jigging, even if we may be surprised to find them in such depths: dogtooth tunas up to 40kg, groupers of 40,5kg, rosy jobfish up to 14kg, numerous amberjacks, sharks… and by the way, bonito up to 180m deep and yellowfin tunas to 220m deep.

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As for classical jigging, the aim is to delude the fish with a big jig between 400g and… 750g!
Tension on line is too strong to hold your rod under your armpit. Belt is essential. Animation is very slow, with many breaks. As a matter of fact, in those depths it is very dark. Fish directs itself according to vibrations. We should let him time enough to come towards the jig.

As concerns very deep baiting, technique used is the same except that we replace jig by a bottom fishing assembling, much more resistant.

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It is advised to use an electrical reel such as “Daiwa Megatwin Seaborg 750”, or “Tanacom” containing 600m of 65lb braid line. Be careful with this type of reel: the rod must be a overhand jigging rod. This quite light reel enables you to jig letting your both hands free and engine reelinging in.

You must have your own tackle:

  •  130lb as leader of 7 or 8m long.
  •  Ball bearing swivels to avoid twists.
  •  Jigs should be between 400 and 750g, including some glow ones, weighted in the tail for a faster fall.
  •  For jigging, one may use big hooks, such as Jobu 8/0 to 10/0.
  •  For baiting, different sizes circle hooks are required such as VMC 9788. We shall furnish sinkers.
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For those who do not use electrical reel, one may add a piece of bonito on the jig’s hook in order to increase the ratio strike/numbers of rises.


Despite the high depth, we perfectly feel strikes as well as the fight of the fish down to 400m. Thank you braided line!


Wouldn’t you like to catch an “X-FILES” creature from these depths?

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