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SPEARFISH (tetrapturus angustirostris)


The short-bill spearfish, also called pick fish is the dwarf of the billfish family. It looks like a small spearfish without sail but with a small bill, about 10 cm longer than the lower jaw.

It has the same electric colours. Its life and migration are still quite unknown. It is found off shore where it is rare.

The IGFA world record of the biggest spearfish is dated 12 February 2005 in New Zealand with a 33,9kg piece

Reproduction is in open waters.

It can be found close to the coast, it moves on its own, sometimes by two or by three. It may reach sexual maturity at the age of 2 and might not live over 4 or 5 years old.

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As all carnivorous pelagic fish, it feeds with small preys (small pieces of fish, squids…).

Spearfish mainly chase artificial lures, destined to chasing marlins, high speed trolling, which often causes unequal fights. The caught scarcity will be your reward.

However, its capture on light line will procure you great pleasure: it jumps very nicely on hit.

Its lure’s attack is very characteristic: it beats the lure with its small bill, as to stun its prey before swallowing it. If it doesn’t hook, it’s high time to animate the lure to tease the fish.

It cannot be the aim of a specific fishing session. We may more meet it by chance!.

This is why the spearfish is sometimes called “the luck fish”.

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