Team Waterman – From the 05 to 09 March 2024
18 March 2024
Team Namibia – From 05 to 14 April 2024
17 April 2024

After 12 years, this superb team is back with their families to share this great moment. Two days around Rodrigues followed by a 58-hour trip to the eastern bank with (finally!) good weather. These first 2 days with the wives and our young fisherman Emile were rewarded with some nice fish: a 46.5kg dogtooth tuna, a large bullshark released

giant trevally, jobfish (aprion virescens) and other varieties.

Then it was off to the bank with 3 great days: a spearfish, a 51kg dogtooth tuna, some magnificent yellowfin tuna, big wahoos, a whitetip shark…

This session took place in a superb atmosphere with a good table and some problems with the taxman!

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