Team Franco-German – From 27 March to 02 April 2024
5 April 2024
Team La Rochelle – From 18 to 26 April 2024
29 April 2024

Incredible fishing trips of 89 hours on the Hawkins Bank and 58 hours around Rodrigues for this great team from Namibia. Not only was the weather magnificent, but the jigging and baiting set our new club record with 34 different species of fish.

Jaco, Devin, Lappies and Detleff targeted mainly dogtooth tuna and trevallies. The omnipresence of sharks somewhat disrupted the run of big fish.

4 dogs over 50kg were caught, only 2 weighed; 6 varieties of trevallies, jobfish, red corail trout, red snappers, etc…

Very nice fights in a perfect atmosphere. And let’s not forget the pelagics too!

A moment of pure happiness and more memories than dreams!

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