Team Ivory / France – 15 to 24 May 2024
7 June 2024

Phenomenal 58-hour sessions on the Eastern bank and 38-hour sessions around Rodrigues for Bastien, Sylvain and Xavier (France).

Unfortunately, the weather changed the schedule once again!

Even though the activity wasn’t fantastic, Xavier and Bastien caught 2 dogtooth tuna weighing 63 and 93.5kg respectively, the 259th and 260th doggies over 50kg caught on board Black Marlin since we started fishing in 2005.

Sylvain was not to be outdone, catching another 41kg doggy in the process.

A beautiful black marlin (weighing around 185kg) came to swallow the yellowfin tuna reeled in by Xavier. It surrendered after 1h30 of fierce fighting and unfortunately could not be released.

Other varieties also came to bend the rods (17 in total) in jigging and baiting. Large red corail trout, big red snapper, jobfish and 4 different species of trevallies to name just the main ones.

The culinary specialities of Black Marlin were also appreciated!

Well done Guys!

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